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Diceman UK

Diceman UK

If you are familiar with Street Interview, you must have read The Dice Man, Deia and Chance from Luke Rhinehart where he explains how he created the Dice Man, that incredible book that changed many people’s life. Now follow Russell the Diceman from UK in his incredible trip around the world. Entirely decided by the dice !

Bonnet | Just south of Chateauroux

This is where it all started in November 1990. My friend owned a big house on a hill in the centre of Bonnet (la Maison du Village) and one morning he gave me a book that would change my life. I read the Dice Man over the following week and in the process came up with the idea for a TV travel series based around the concept of the dice being used to determine outcomes to 6 options. It was to be another 7 years before the idea saw the light of day. I remember it was November 1990, because Margaret Thatcher resigned as Prime minister on my birthday that year – November the 22nd!

Tower Water | Lymm | Cheshire | England

Lymm Tower Water

This is where I live with my family – the tower took us 7 years to renovate and has won many awards; a fact which makes us very proud! The Diceman TV series actually began at Villa Farm in Lymm, where we lived at the time. All 4 series were produced between 1997 and 2000.

Harrogate | Yorkshire | England

We ended up here because of a roll of the dice – and this where I was born ** years ago! So it’s my hometown – and I am very proud of the fact that I am a Yorkshireman; even though I moved away when I was very young, to live in Africa!

Herm Island | Guernsey

The dice took us to Herm – a really small privately owned Island in the Channel Islands – we hitched a ride on a fishing boat and rowed back with a bunch of rowers out practicing for the day. Whilst there we had to milk a cow to get the milk for our breakfast cereal! We also enjoyed a few pints at the local pub; all-in-all a good time was had by all.

Usedom | Germany

We ended up in Usedom, because that’s where the dice told us to go, it was the dice that also gave us the opportunity to drive a Porsche, from a list of six German car brands. The most embarrassing part of this trip was the moment we were overtaken by a Trabant. From Usedom we walked over the border into Poland and caught a train to Gdansk – one of my favourite places.

Hanky Panky’s Tattoo Studio | Amsterdam

you really tattoed yourself cause the dice told you so ?
Yes. Painful too. All I can remember is that they had a man’s genitalia preserved in a bottle on a shelf – I figured if I made to much fuss about the tattoo that this what they might do to me! We ended up having to take a boat ride down the canal to get shots of the red light district as people are not too keen on being filmed there … I can’t think why?!!

Gdansk | Poland

I loved this place. Great people. Great food and nightlife. We had a really good time here. I love all of Poland. What was great was the language was not a problem – we just used hand gestures and occasionally an interpreter. Very pretty girls too!

Uummannaq | Greenland

We travelled here from Copenhagen and it is an awesome place. Everyone should go at least once in their lives. We met a crazy Danish guy and went fishing for shark through a 1m hole in the ice!

Ford Sumter | Charleston

Some say Civil War started here…
Yes, I liked Charleston – it was by far my favourite place in the USA. Just really laid back – steeped in history and very colonial. We stayed at the wonderful Battery Carriage House in Charleston’s Historic District.

Kilauea volcano | Hawaii

We trekked for miles across this volcano with one crazy British guy and another equally crazy French guy – they lived for volcanoes and wanted to show us the lava flow. We were wet through, tired and it was dark when we arrived at the mouth of the volcano, but the sight was amazing – truly awe inspiring. To see lava flowing right below you is quite something! This was also the last time we filmed Diceman – it all ended here on the Big Island.

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