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The delicate world of Steve


Steve Marion a.k.a. Delicate Steve shares its favorite locations in the United States. A medley of spectacular landscapes and intimate places that finds an echo with Steve’s music.

DC Run | Washington DC

This is the road where I ran my first 10 mile run–on October 22nd, 2009–before seeing Dirty Projectors and Givers play at the Black Cat in Washington D.C. with one of my best friends. That was the day I got the motivation to create an album–all of the events of that day gave me so much inspiration.

The next day I started recording.

Zion | Utah

This is one of my favorite National Parks. I went here for the first time on a road trip in 2008 and was mesmerized. Hiking the 16 mile stretch of the Virgin River called The Narrows was one of the most extraordinary hikes I’ve been on. Luckily I got to go back here with the band last April on a day off from tour and it rejuvenated me.

Grand Canyon | Washington DC

I love the Grand Canyon so much. I’ve been to it 3 times so far. The first time was on a road trip in 2008 where I camped at the bottom of the South Rim. I’ve also camped at the Havasu Falls on the West Rim, and got to camp at the bottom of the South Rim again with my cousin a few summers ago. We turned our phones off during the hike because they didn’t have any service, and when we came back up we found out that Michael Jackson had died while we were in the Grand Canyon.

Avalon | New Jersey

I love Avalon – it’s where I spent time every summer since I was a kid. My aunt and uncle own a house on the beach…a lot of great memories with my cousins when we were younger. I still go down there at least once every summer.

Tucson | Sabino Canyon | Arizona

My cousin Tom lives in Tucson and I love to spend time there. We’ve done some really great hikes in Sabino Canyon and some awesome mountain biking in the desert. There’s also this crazy burger place that we always go to and get their burger of the month–on this past tour I had a burger with swiss cheese, honey, bacon, peanut butter, and bananas! The tour before that it was a burger with ego waffles as the buns, fried chicken, fried egg, bacon, peanut butter, and syrup.

Badlands | South Dakota

This was the first National Park I went to on my 2008 road trip – it kind of blew my mind, growing up in green grassy hilly northwestern NJ, and walking into this mars-like landscape to camp. The camping was surreal, I woke up to fresh bison poop outside of my tent, and remember climbing to the top of a canyon to watch a herd of bison graze in a field.

Arches | Utah

This was the park I was in for a few days on my 2008 road trip when I got the inspiration to start heading back to New Jersey to begin working on music again. What’s funny about it is that we got to spend a day here on our first west coast tour, and check out an arch in the park called « Delicate Arch »…perhaps the name stuck with me since my first visit..

Delaware Water Gap| Delaware

I’ve spent a lot of time in and around the Delaware Water Gap. I’ve done two 100 mile bike rides around it, leaving my driveway and heading into PA, up into NY state and back down into NJ eventually to my driveway. The first time I did it was during the making of my album Wondervisions. It was something I was training for months to do, and it was one of my goals to accomplish that year, definitely a great feeling once I was done. I did the same route again this summer after more training and beat my previous time by about 30 minutes. I’ve also done some camping on the Appalachian Trail here. Most recently I did a duathlon with my uncle here. I’m glad to be near it…a big source of inspiration for me very close to my house.

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